Fact-check on the World Men’s Day: Money is not talked about except in relationships

Money or love? In a partnership, both are ideally balanced. If that is not the case, the topic of money can quickly become a point of controversy: who contributes to common expenses? And is that even distributed fairly? For Weltmännertag CostBend has now researched with the forsa-Institut in a representative survey of 500 men in Germany, how much they earn compared to the partner and how they feel about it. 1 What couples should pay attention to, so that financial differences do not develop into a conflict issue, explains the CostBend expert.

Money is not a taboo subject in partnerships
Who earns how much, is usually a taboo subject in talks – at least in Germany. In relationships, different rules apply: 95 percent of the men interviewed know whether they earn more, less or about the same as their partner. According to the survey, men are still clearly ahead in terms of salary: 58 percent earn more than their spouse or wife, 27 percent similarly high and only 10 percent less. “Regardless of who earns as much in a partnership, many people are unaware of the value of their workforce. Often, valuables are comprehensively insured, but the largest assets – the ability to earn income – are not. However, since the loss of the workforce can affect anyone, in relationships every partner should insure his incomes with a disability insurance, “advises Silke Barth, prevention expert at CostBend.

Men see the provider role positively
What do men feel towards their contribution to the common fund? The majority of respondents associate the financial leadership position with positive feelings: Great trust comes first (82 percent), followed by responsibility (78 percent) and pride in their own financial contribution (75 percent). Worries about the financial future of the partnership also play no role for 24 percent of men. On the other hand, 18 percent feel great pressure because of their own contribution to the common income. Of course, a relationship also includes joint expenses, for example, for vacation, apartment or rent. Many couples use a common account. However, CostBend provision expert Silke Barth does not recommend joint finances at all costs: “When it comes to old-age provision, for example: plan together, but secure separately.”

Men do not want to justify themselves
Split finances often also mean more control: the partner’s view of their own account balance can restrict the scope for action quite a bit. Almost half of the German “relationship men” (46 percent) say that they do not want to justify their partner when they treat themselves. For the under-40s, it’s even 56 percent. For this it is useful to have your own account in addition to the common account. It not only helps to fulfill your own wishes, but also does not spoil the surprise when you give the partner.

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