Take a small payday loan of between € 500 and € 10,000 for any purpose

Despite the fact that fast loans are becoming less popular on a daily basis , most companies are not willing to lend larger amounts to customers. And EUR 5,000 is the ‘ceiling’ you can count on. Unfortunately, this amount is often not enough. What to do in such a situation – find another company or take another quick loan ? The latter can hardly be considered a sensible solution, especially if loan providers offers in the possibility to take a small loan with a favorable interest rate .

Small loans issued by are characterized by a larger loan amount that the customer can take into account, as well as a longer loan period compared to quick loans, in addition, they are unsecured small loans . How you use credit instruments, whether it is targeted or not, which means. The big advantage of small loans is that you do not have to change your home bank because the small loan can be returned successfully through your bank’s Internet bank. It is extremely convenient, does not require any extra effort from the customer or wastes his precious time.

Loan providers loan terms

Loan providers loan terms

Loan amounts that a customer can count on – 500 and up to € 10,000 , loan period 12 to 84 months. There are no short 30-day loan terms like in the case of fast loans. At the same time, the borrower does not deprive the borrower of the right to repay the entire loan prematurely if the opportunity arises. The terms of the small loan stipulate that the client must pay 5% of the loan amount, the minimum contract fee is 75 euros. In addition, a service fee of 2.90 euros is payable. If you become late for your monthly installment, a second notification will be sent to you and you will be charged an additional € 4.15.

A favorable loan from 500 to 10,000 euros without security is waiting for you

Can the terms of the contract be changed? Of course, this service is not free for customers and costs 50 euros. An approximate monthly loan payment can be made by choosing two parimeters: the amount and the term, different from what is offered on the website. The monthly payment is automatically calculated. Providers does not grant real estate collateral in and, in general, it has focused on small loans that have no collateral. Attention is drawn to this credit institution with minimal paperwork and quick decision-making.

In addition, providers is honest with its customers. They emphasize the transparency of their credit terms and the lack of hidden commissions, but offer customers the opportunity to compare loan terms with other credit institutions as well.

How do I apply for a loan from providers?

Applying for a low-interest loan from this Estonian company is very easy – fill out an application on the website, the decision made on the basis of the preliminary data is displayed on the computer screen, you have to submit a statement from your bank account for the last six months. If it is in order and the unsecured small loan decision is positive, the loan agreement must be signed digitally or on paper. In addition, you do not have to forget your need to identify yourself, in this sense providers is like any other credit institution.

Can we borrow from at the age of 18? Yes, in certain credit institutions it is possible to get a loan from a young age, but unfortunately not from providers. The loan is issued here only from the age of 22. Receivables from the borrower are: possession of an entry aa / or residence permit, absence of problematic payments in the credit report, presence of a personal bank account that receives your salary or pension. A favorable loan is transferred to the borrower’s personal account within 1-2 days. The loan is repaid in equal installments under the ‘annuity’ scheme.